Effective Speaking & Presenting

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Creating and Implementing a Model

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Machine learning is a technique that uses mathematics and statistics to create a model that can predict unknown values. — Microsoft


Training and Validating a pipeline and implementation for a project in No-Code AI requires creating a pipeline and running the pipeline until it can be verified…

September 2021

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Top three articles from August 2021

  1. Easiest Way to Know Your Dataset by Dr. Monica

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Part 2: Making Rules and Decisions with Conditional Logic

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Decisions by Machine

The basics of Python include decision making by algorithms. The most simple forms are…

Part 1: Values, Store, and Print

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Basic Python

August 2021

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Top three articles from July 2021

  1. Easiest Way to Know Your Dataset by Dr. Monica
  2. Tools for Analytics by Sarah Mason
  3. Talk Data to Me — What’s the Hype Around Analyzing It? by Aleksandra Hadzic

4 No-Code Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Solutions

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Problem Solving

Predictive and…

Data Story using Shopper Data

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Analyzing shopping data for descriptive analysis and seeking patterns can tell a story of consumer choice based on facts. What is trending? What price is an item more likely to be purchased? Is a quantity of an item preferred…

Implementing Quantitative Analysis of Language

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Setting tone in a paragraph to reach an audience. Does the text encourage positive feelings about the topic, neutral, or is the reader in disagreement?

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